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Manny Hanif

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Select Template



Customize & Custom Tailor



Run Checker & Publish

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Your Offer When Running Ads

Hey, my name is Tom Yevsikov, I’m a full-time internet marketer and online entrepreneur and I suck at creating ads. Most of my ads until recently have been a disaster, high cost per click, no shares, no likes or sales.

I bet you’re wondering this right now. do you even need something like this, some advanced ad maker?

I mean, you can load out any designer out there, and there are plenty of great ones, and design a facebook ad that looks pretty good.

but if that’s the case, then why are you on this page?

I know why, and I’m going to tell you why.

Pretty much everyone, myself included, have been struggling with running profitable ads.

I used the most up to date designers with the best features and the biggest promises yet every
time my ads tanked.

My cost per click was high.

My ads didn’t get attention & clicks.

They never got engagement or sales.

I felt dead in the water.

I blamed it on the targeting, the audience, the offer, but changing those never worked.

I came to realize that in order to get cheap traffic, lots of clicks and tons of sales to anything I promote, i needed to drop dead effective yet at the same time gorgeous ads.

and using the best newest greatest designer is simply not going to cut it.

That’s When I Had My

My Cold Hard Slap In The Fact With
A Chair Moment.

  • I realized that in order to create effective ads.

  • I had to improve my advertising skills.

  • I had to improve my marketing skills.

  • I had to test ads and split test them just to see what works.

  • I had to invest thousands in ads to find a winning ad.

  • I had to invest lots of my time and energy.

  • The minute I realized that.

  • I was like: f*** that, I don’t want to do that.

I Had To Come Up With Something That Allows Me To Create EFFECTIVE Ads FAST Without Going Through All The Trouble Of Learning, Spending & Investing.

So i set out to create something that will allow me and millions of other businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers that i knew were struggling with the same thing to create effective, cheap traffic producing, attention-grabbing and profit producing ads, fast, without any technical, advertising or copywriting experience.

But How?

Then It Hit Me, I Had To Bring In The Experience, Insight & Suggestions Of SUCCESSFUL, 6 Figure Advertisers That Are KILLING IT!

So how did I do that? I prepared questions, struggles, and issues and started pulling strings.

Started messaging successful advertisers, paying them to answer questions for me.

I pulled all the strings I had, and spent money from my pocket just to have them answer questions for me and tell me what gets people’s attention, gets them to click and then buy.

The colors to use, the placement, the psychology, the words, the angles, everything.

Then I started doing research online, I bought products, courses, tested them, summarized them and also added them into the final list.

And then I was facing one big problem.How do the heck I actually turn this information into software?

I had to find a way to somehow

Extract Their Minds Into An Alogrithm

I really struggled to find a way to turn all that information into a simple to use software.

And that’s when I met this guy Vivek Gour at an event in orlando, and he told me about his software company and that they can develop such a product.

He gave me a quote, we sealed the deal and started working together on developing this effective solution.

We started applying this algorithm and information into a software and the result was insane...

We Created AdBuddy

Built To Convert, Not Just LOOK Good.

Adbuddy is your shortcut to creating captivating and profit producing ads fast.

And it was created so that any local business owner, and online entrepreneur of any experience and background, can create an ad that represents their business or offer, gets attention, clicks and sales without struggle.

  • Without having any advertising skills

  • Without being a copywriter

  • Without spending thousands on split testing

  • Without “finding winning ads”

  • Without spending time and energy

It was created to get it right... Every time.

The Power Of Smart Simplicity

Adbuddy is designed from the ground up to be both smart and simple.
It’s smart in the sense that it helps you create performing ads without effort or experience.
And it’s simple in the sense that you can create beautiful and effective ads in seconds
without overwhelming features.

And the goal of Adbuddy?

Performing Ads Made
Easy & Fun

Ads like these were created in seconds

Every Ad Is A WINNER

Early users won’t stop using it, because it’s EFFECTIVE


" Stoica Gets CHEAP Leads The Instant He Started Deploying AdBuddy "

Stoica Sdr

" Manny Gets Over 5,000 Subscribers and 8.5K SHARES Using AdBuddy's Ads "

Manny Hanif

" Kobi Switched All His Designers & Courses Into AdBuddy And Gets CHEAP Buyer Leads "

Kobi Topaz

If you want to get your ads clicked, you have to grab the users attention so that they read your Ad, and that’s what AdBuddy Does. It Gives you Suggestions and Valuable Feedback’s of the Image ON THE GO which you are creating with it. AdBuddy Creates High Converting Facebook Ad Images with an ease.

I have Personally Saved My Money With this too upto 40% Plus I am now able to create my own Ad Images now rather than hiring Graphic Designers and loss money paying them.

I Must use Tool for everyone who Create There Facebook Ad’s Because it Gets get’s very specific and target direct competitors in your niche.

Thank You Tom For creating this tool, I know you have Put in a Lot in this tool which has come together to make Every Facebook ad user create “Successful”

Himanshu Mehta

CEO - Pixelnx

AdBuddy helped me increase my clicks by 5 times and doubled my reach with one ad all by changing the image and tweaking the copy from suggestions based on the system. I am currently testing new ads with this and expect to see better results! I highly recommend AdBuddy!

Paul Klein

It Works In 3 Simple Steps



Select Template

Adbuddy was built to convert effortlessly. Select from 100 (currently) drop dead gorgeous and highly effective templates that were built with the help of 6+ figure advertisers and based on data that is proven to work.



Customize With The Help Of AdBuddy

Now you just play with it using our drop-dead easy user interface which makes creating custom tailored converting ads effortless. At this point you will meet your companion, adbuddy itself.

And he will help you create high converting ads by teaching you what will work best for your ad. And he won’t let go until you have a profitable ad in your hand!



Run Checker & Publish

He last step is all about running a special checker which will check if your ad meets the requirements for a fb ad and it doesn’t get penalized or it’s reach limited due to certain reasons. After the checker approves your ad, you can download it as both png or jpg! Or publish it with the *optional* instapublisher.

See Me Create A Profit Producing & Drop Dead Gorgeous Ad In Less Than A Minute

AdBuddy Creates EPIC & EFFECTIVE Ads

With The Help Of 2 Main Elements

Element #1

Is the templates, which are built to convert, and with the help and suggestions of 6 figure advertisers, our own experience and obviously, fb advertising proven data from various resources, We created those templates to have built-in marketing elements in mind such as colors, what gets attention etc.

Built to convert, built to be effective, built to perform.

Element #2

Is the adbuddy companion, this smart little fella goes ahead and helps you craft a killer ad.

It’s as if a 6 figure advertisers is sitting next to you telling you what to do, what not to do, what will convert better and what you should avoid doing.

He will help you with scarcity, colors, what text to put, what works best etc. Everything you need to create a performing and Effective ad.

And Once You’re Done, You Run Your Ad Through The Checker, Which Will Tell You If Your Ad Is Good To Go, Or Need More Work To Get The Best Results.

This Is The First Of It’s Kind. And It’s Damn Easy To Use.

AdBuddy also comes STANDARD with FOOL-
Cheap Traffic Training:

Part #1 -

How To Find BUYER Interests that get DIRT CHEAP TRAFFIC

($197 Value)

Part #2 -

DROP DEAD Simple FORMULA To creating ADS that get INSANE results, clicks and sales.

($197 Value)

The Price You SHOULD Pay

To you, the end customer, it’s worth at least $1,997, because of the crazy result it can produce to you, the time it will save, and the testing money it will save.

And in fact, for an experienced advertiser, it’s worth even More than that.

Because to someone that spends 1k or 10k a day on ads, even a 10% improvement which adbuddy can easily deliver, will be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

And if you stick around, you’ll see exactly how you can get paid thousands per month with adbuddy and these high end clients.

But the price you should pay..

Is NOT The Price You Will Pay

But I’m not going to charge you that, don’t worry.
I’m not crazy like that.

I am crazy in the sense that I am going to surprise you right now and overdeliver To you today, as part of the special launch of Adbuddy.

So before revealing the price, let me keep you on the edge a bit more and tell you What else you get as part of this special launch period.

Limited Time Bonus #1

Commercial License

($397 Value)

How would you like to help other people, local businesses and companies to create effective and performing ads, and get paid thousands to do that?

You see, just as you need this, other people need it do.

There is a huge potential in offering ad design and creation to companies, local businesses and other online entrepreneurs.

Imagine your struggle, now imagine the struggle on a local bakery or restaurant when they really don’t have absolutely any online experience!

So what do they do? They go to freelancers and design companies to create ads for them, and they pay dozens and hundreds even for a single image ad!

And these freelancers and design companies use the same designers that are built to design, but not to Perform! and so they either deliver bad work, or they use experts to help them create the ads!

You can break that cycle, and bring something fresh to the market with Adbuddy.

And this commercial license which is normally sold separately, will allow you to sell these designs and ads you create as a service to clients, and earn a damn good living while doing so.

This Bonus ALONE is Valued At $397
But That’s Only Bonus #1

Limited Time Bonus #2

Training On How To
Sell Adbuddy To Clients

($397 Value)

per year

I knew that when I’d offer the commercial license, many people will be scared to use it because they won’t know how to find clients, how to close deals, how to sell on fiverr and outside of fiverr, and the all the moving parts of selling this service.

So, I felt obligated to offer another limited time bonus, which will show you and teach you how to find clients, how to close them, how to sell on fiverr and outside of fiverr, where there is a goldmine of people looking for this service and of course, how to go from 0 to making money with adbuddy’s commercial license opportunity.

This bonus when fitted with bonus #1 is valued at $397.

To be honest the realistic price I should put on this product should be $497 per year for a one year license, especially with the unadvertised bonuses *hint hint*.

  • However, I need early users to build up a database to sell it in the future.

  • I need serious people to help me build the reputation of this platform.

  • I want to help people get results as soon as possible and I believe that early users will benefit from it the most.

  • I am selfish, I run a business after all, but I’m also spreading goodwill at the same time.
    I am looking for a win-win.

Therefore, I am going to make this software very accessible, so that you can get your hands on it. Instead of pricing this course at $497/year like I wanted to, I am going to hold the price to a ridiculously low amount so that as many of you can get it as possible...

In fact, if you act fast today, you can get instant access to Adbuddy for a one time price of:

Here’s What You Get Access To After
You Purchase AdBuddy

100 beautiful, effective & smart ad templates



Access to Adbuddy, your smart ad companion which helps you build a profitable ad design, ad campaign & marketing strategy.



Our Adchecker, which makes sure your ad is good to launch or tells you if there is more work to be done, and what work.



How To Find BUYER Interests That Get DIRT CHEAP TRAFFIC



DROP DEAD Simple FORMULA To Creating ADS That Get INSANE Results, Clicks And Sales.



Unlimited commercial license as Bonus #1



How to become a highly paid freelancer with the commercial license training as Bonus #2



Total Package Value: $3,481

Your Price Today

A One Time Payment (NOT Recurring) Of

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Why Such A Low Price?

Adbuddy is new to the market, i plan on taking it to
7 figures/year recurring and selling it at a higher price point to local businesses all around the world.

However I do realize that you need case studies, user results and a good track record to make it happen.

i also want to spread goodwill because i truly believe that this early goodwill is what will create a shockwave and position Adbuddy as the leader in the industry and a go to resource for everyone.

So I am opening the doors to the public for the first time ever, at a stupid low one time price so I can get as many users as possible to test Adbuddy

But this will not last forever. After the special launch is over, price increases, and we’ll begin planning The future for adbuddy, which means you’ll earn early access to something other people will pay recurring for.

You Get To Make More Money,
While Having More Time

Imagine how many years these pro advertisers that helped us
build this platform invested in their craft?

How much money?

How much money?

How much money?

How much money?

Well you get to skip all that, directly to the profitable part.

This Is Your Chance, Jump Aboard Now

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You’re Covered By Our 100% Refund Policy.

Whether it’s our top notch support, whether it’s the product itself or the delivery of the product, we guarantee satisfaction.

If you encounter any technical problem with the software and support cannot help you resolve it, we will refund you.

Also, you can test it out risk-free for 14 days.

Results Are NOT Typical, But...

Listen, every sales page hides their “fine print” somewhere so that you won’t notice it, and then play that card in your communications with them.

Not us, nah-ah. I just want to get it out of my chest and say it as it is.
This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme and our results are NOT typical.

Truth is, AdBuddy might not even get you any results.
It all depends on your niche, your interests and more factors!
But fear not, because AdBuddy DOES give you a HUGE advantage when it comes to creating ads.

And based on our results, the ads Adbuddy creates get more shares, likes, clicks and sales, every time.

Get Your Ads To Convert, EVERY TIME,
Without Fail Starting TODAY

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Who Can Expect A Positive Change The Instant They Start Using AdBuddy:

  • Complete Newbies

  • Social Media Managers And Marketers

  • Local Brands And Store Owners

  • Freelancers And Service Providers Advertisers

  • Failures (people who kept trying and this was the only thing that helped)

Who Can Expect A Negative Outcome With AdBuddy:

  • Non action takers

  • “ MAKE MONEY TOMORROW” type of people

  • Know it alls

So if you belong in the second group, AdBuddy ISN’T for you.
But if you belong in the first group or wasn’t mentioned here, you can expect a
POSITIVE Improvement the INSTANT you use AdBuddy.

So get your one time license today

Use coupon 'CRAZYBUDDY' For $2 OFF


Got burnt by false promises and bad products in the best? me too.

If there’s one thing I hate, is expecting the world and getting disappointed.

Not just in business, but in life in general.

Many marketers promise the world and under deliver.

So what does make Ad Buddy different?

We’re here for the long game.

Our plan is to go evergreen at a recurring price and make 8 figures with it, and then make an exit.

For a product to succeed at that level, you need a good team behind it to support it for the long term.You need to OVER deliver..

You need Goodwill, and a strong foundation.

And you need happy customers.

And that’s why, when you get AdBuddy today, you will NOT be dissapointed, but be thrilled to get started instead, because of how EASY it is.

Use coupon 'CRAZYBUDDY' For $2 OFF

Take Care And Best Of Luck

Tom Yevsikov

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  • Do you have 24/7 uptime?

    Yes, But:

    We support 24/7 uptime and do our best to keep the software 24/7 but malicious attacks or hosting issues may occur so there may be exceptions but we will do our best to keep the software up 24/7.

  • What type of ads does it create?

    Currently all our ads are tailored for Facebook ads, however advertising rules are very similar in all types of ads and you can use AdBuddy to create banner and image ads for all networks, we are working on increasing our range of tailored ads to other networks as well as video ads in the future.

Use coupon 'CRAZYBUDDY' For $2 OFF