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Agency rights is a GREAT way to make money, delegate & scale. But it’s not for everyone.


  • You have employees or an outsourcing team that can use their own adbuddy accounts UNDER YOUR control

  • If you want to sell AdBuddy to clients at any price, while keeping 100% of the profits.

  • If you want multiple accounts for different people but don’t want to pay $37+ for each account.

  • If you or someone you know will want an account but paying $37 again and again and again is too expensive.

If you enter into any of the categories above then agency rights is PERFECT for you.

An Easy Way To Make Money.

You get the ability to create accounts for other people.
IT can be your team, your family, your friends, and clients.
And the beauty is that you can control and oversee all of their accounts.

So for example, if you work with a client on creating their ad campaigns and they pay you $2,000/month (which is totally possible) you can upsell them AdBuddy, Create them an account where you can control and over see, but in that account your client can actually create their own ads, they can share it with the team etc..

This will be a win-win for your client and yourself.Or for example if you have an employee or a VA you can give them their own account which you control to create your ads, and since AdBuddy is DEAD SIMPLE, they can learn it quick.

Plus, All AdBuddy’s updates will be automatically pushed to your clients and accounts.

And.. We take care of customer support so that you don’t have to deal with this.

That’s right, we actually TAKE CARE
of your customers for you.

And think about this, you’re currently getting multiple accounts ALOT cheaper getting them in separate, BUT you also get FULL control over these accounts.

And When adbuddy’s prices increase, you will save even MORE.

And when it becomes monthly, you’ll save even MORE.

So get yourself an agency license and take it to the next level with more ease, less stress and FAR less expenses today:

Tester’s Choice:

10 accounts -


Business Route:

30 accounts -


For Custom Amounts of Accounts (above 30) please contact us at tomyevsikov@hireyourbossltd.com for a quote.

You’re Covered By Our 100% Refund Policy.

When purchasing agency rights you are protected for 14 days with a no questions asked until you create your first account.

After you create the first account for yourself, a user, a client or a family member you are no longer eligible.

for the no questions asked refund and you’re protected by our technical policy which means that if the software stops working and we cannot help you fix it, we will refund.

Access your unfair advantage at a stupid low price NOW:

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Tom Yevsikov

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

  • Do you have 24/7 uptime?

    Yes, But:

    We support 24/7 uptime and do our best to keep the software 24/7 but malicious attacks or hosting issues may occur so there may be exceptions but we will do our best to keep the software up 24/7.

  • What type of ads does it create?

    Currently all our ads are tailored for Facebook ads, however advertising rules are very similar in all types of ads and you can use AdBuddy to create banner and image ads for all networks, we are working on increasing our range of tailored ads to other networks as well as video ads in the future.

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